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OUr Impact Expands
When Influencers Collaborate
Partnership is just $10/mo

 Coming soon to a city near you! Vote Shift 2020 - 
Awakening a Generation to the Destiny of a Nation Tour!
Perhaps like in no other election cycle before, the voice of the minority believer will have more of an impact on the future of this nation than it has ever had! Minority votes have long been considered an asset of the Democratic Party due to an unfounded loyalty based on the assumption that the Democratic Party is for the working class and the poor while the Republican Party is for the rich white elite population. Nothing could be farther from the truth! 

In most cases, when minority values are considered, we don’t ascribe to slaying the innocent, systemic poverty, classism and race baiting. Our eyes are coming open to the reality that we’ve been coned. We will let our true voices be heard in this upcoming election cycle!! See you on tour!
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